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What Does a Hot Tub Ozonator Do?

Photo if an ozone generator for a hot tub.

Why should you use an Ozone System?

If ozone is used properly it can lead to increased water clarity, less use of chlorine or bromine in your spa, and less water quality issues. One of the most frequently asked questions we encounter in the field is what is an ozone system and why should I use one. In this post we will cover what ozone is, how an ozonator works and why you should consider having this type of system installed.

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a colorless to blue gas that is created when oxygen is exposed to ultraviolet light or a corona discharge. (Source) Ozone consists of a O2 molecule and a monatomic molecule O1 that have collided after Oxygen has energized. This new compound molecule is known as O3. (Source)

How does ozone work in a hot tub?

Ozone is injected into the water, sanitizing it by destroying most of the organic material that is exposed to ozone. This includes bacteria, viruses, body oils and other biodegradable elements in your hot tub. This all contributes to the clear water look that people expect with a well maintained hot tub. 

Because this system is constantly sanitizing the water it prevents how much other sanitizer is needed for oxidizing contaminants such as Chlorine.

Is ozone a replacement for chlorine or bromine?

The CDC does not recognize ozone as an approved hot tub sanitizer on its own. The best way to think of ozone is as a helper to your current sanitization system. If ozone is used properly it can lead to less use of chlorine or bromine in your spa. Ozone systems will help your sanitizer (chlorine or bromine) work at lower levels. An additional added benefit of an ozone system is that it breaks down some body oils and cosmetic products that cab be introduced into the water. 

Is it safe?

Ozone is very safe. Ozone leaves no harmful by-products like some chemical sanitizers. Ozone generated is not dependent on pH nor does Ozone effect pH of the water. Lastly, ozone can’t overdose in the water such as chlorine or other chemical sanitizers as Ozone reverts back to oxygen when unused and escapes out of the water. (Source)


Ozone systems are safe, help you use less sanitizer and because they are active whenever your spa is filtering they help ensure a more clean reliable hot tub experience. Ozone systems are available in all hot tubs we sell. We can also replace a failed ozone unit in an existing tub or 

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us.

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